Fire Alarm Systems

Volunteer Technology Systems is a full service fire alarm systems contractor. To meet your specific needs, we offer design, sale, installation, service and full inspections that meet current codes and regulations to get the job done. VTS houses fully-trained personnel to assist you with the personalized design of your system. 


Your new or existing fire alarm system can be monitored 24 hours a day with our UL listed monitoring agency — this protects your facility at all times. VTS will upgrade your existing fire alarm system to meet current codes and regulations.


Your system is something you should never question, which is why VTS offers 24-hour protection. We will inspect all existing fire alarms with up-to-code sensitivity testing. Mass Notification Systems (MNS) is another option that offers a level of safety and protection that brings a sense of security. These systems allow you to communicate with a mass number of people, in case of an emergency. VTS can customize this system specifically for your facility and needs.

24-Hour Protection

Life Safety Services Offered

  • Automatic smoke, heat, flame and carbon monoxide detection
  • Intelligent Fire Sensor
  • Manual Evacuation
  • Sprinkler System & Fire Pump Monitoring
  • Pre-recorded Voice Evacuation
  • Elevator Firefighter Control
  • Smoke Evacuation Control
  • HVAC Unit Control
  • Mass Notification for inclement weather situations or other emergencies
  • Networking
  • Graphic Annunciation
  • Mass Evacuation
  • Supervised & Battery Backed Emergency Notification Systems