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access control

VTS offers you the “peace of mind” that you deserve.

Access Control:

An intrusion system is the best way to guard your building when you are not present, monitoring access to doorways and suspicious motion, giving you peace of mind when your building is most vulnerable.

In today’s challenging times, many kinds of industrial facilities have been identified as potential terror targets. Given this reality, you need a strong partner who can stand with you through the maze of challenges that you face in providing an effective security solution for your industrial site.

This is why Volunteer Technology Systems is uniquely qualified to deliver industrial security solutions. We have over 150 years of combined experience in the process and automation control business. We are partnered with of the world’s leaders in manufacturing of security products, and they have been developing state-of-the-art security technology for over 50 years. We offer security systems that can seamlessly integrate with process control and building controls on a single platform.

VTS believes you cannot buy “canned” security, or one system fits all. Each system must be custom designed to fit the needs of the individual facility and personnel. VTS offers you the “peace of mind” that you deserve.

access control systems

Lawrence County High School is one of many access control systems VTS has installed.

Benefits of Access Control Systems:

  • Deny/grant access to a user at anytime, at any door.
  • Maintained log of access through a door.
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Multiplex monitor and control
  • Digital storage